Our History

Sitting high and dry atop the Atlantic Coastal Ridge, Northwood Hills boasts the highest elevation in south Florida at a dizzying 44 feet! This elevation helps to keep the neighborhood comfortable even on the hottest of days with a gentle, cooling breeze blowing off of the Atlantic. We are a climate-resilient neighborhood.

The neighborhood is reinventing and rediscovering itself by attracting many young professionals with children, artists and folks who enjoy living in an area that is reminiscent of times when the term ‘neighborhood’  did not mean ‘gated community’. Today our neighborhood is an eclectic mosaic of history, cultures, ethnicities, architecture and people as the lives we live in this second decade of the 21st Century will soon become the history of Northwood Hills and be added to an already colorful past.

On March 4, 1925 the first of a series of plats was recorded at the Palm Beach County court house which officially created the neighborhood. At the height of the land boom the prevalent architectural theme was Spanish Mission; however due to the unique topography a number of fantastical "Castle" homes were built. Many of these homes, with a clear view of the Atlantic Ocean, were rumored to help direct the rum runners to shore during the era of Prohibition where they then hid their precious cargo.  A few homes to this day still have the small secret cellars where it is believed this liquid gold was stored. Northwood Hills is also known for many fine, historic homes in the post-Modern style as well as a portfolio of work from Mizner associate Harry Vought and Palm Beach society architect Maurice Fatio. 

Due to the unique architectural history and unique circular layout of the neighborhood Northwood Hills was designated the 13th historic  district in West Palm Beach in August, 2003.  This historic designation protects and preserves the unique exterior architectural elements by requiring approval before the Historic Preservation Board prior to the granting of any permits. 

We encourage you to come by and experience the topography, our Castle homes and our historic character. In addition, find out what makes our neighborhood, Historic Northwood Hills, so unique. That’s the best part of all—our neighbors! 


We’ll be sure to greet you with a wave!

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Neighborhood Boundaries

Northwood Hills Neighborhood  boundaries:

North:  Lots on north side of 39th Court to

South: Lots on south side of 29th Street 

East: Lots on east side of Greenwood Avenue to

West: Lots on west side of Windsor Avenue


Northwood Hills Historic District  boundaries:

North: Lots on north side of 39th Court to

South: Lots on south side of 29th Street

East: Lots on East side of Greenwood Avenue to

West:  Lots on east side of Windsor Avenue

(does not include western lots abutting railroad tracks)


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Northwood Hills

Neighborhood Association, Inc. 

The Northwood Hills Neighborhood Association, Inc. (NHNA) is a  non-profit organization registered with the office of the Florida Department of State and is tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3).   The organization is NOT an HOA.

The Board of Directors  volunteer to serve and are required to live in the neighborhood; they are elected by the neighborhood in the month of November at its regularly scheduled neighborhood meeting. 

The organization's purpose is to "promote the highest quality of life as well as the recreation, education, health, safety and welfare of the  members of the Northwood Hills neighborhood."

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. Sticks alone can be broken by a child.”

-Maasai proverb