City Improvements Can Lead To A Greener Neighborhood...

It's YOUR Choice!

Over the past year the City of West Palm Beach has attended numerous neighborhood meetings to inform the community of impending improvements to the Hills.  In addition to work underway on Windsor Avenue, the city is slated to make improvements to 31st through 35th Streets. See the map below for specific areas. 


The affected project area is the 800 & 900 blocks of 31st street and only the 900 blocks of 32nd, 33rd, 34th and 35th Streets. Intersections with Westview Avenue and Greenwood Avenue will be affected at tie-in points. 

The driver behind the construction is the improvement to water and storm water infrastructure; most importantly the improvement of water pressure as well as  proper spacing of the city's fire hydrants....which could lead to lower insurance premiums for you.  As a result the entire street infrastructure--street, curbs and sidewalks will  be replaced.  The city is aiming to reduce heat-producing pavement as well as slow down traffic in the neighborhood, so the 30 foot-wide streets will be narrowed which will add to the parkway space for trees.

 As a result the PARKWAYS (what many people incorrectly call SWALES) will be substantially wider allowing for bigger trees.  Additionally the city will be placing all underground improvements in the street opening up the parkways for better use of trees. 


The city is undertaking a the first-of-its-kind pilot project in Northwood Hills. If you live in the affected project area you can have a FREE street tree installed in front of your home; you will have to agree to water the tree (the city will be watering the tree immediately after installation for a period of time) as well as maintain the tree by utilizing proper pruning techniques...tree abuse will not be allowed!!  The city will be undertaking outreach to the affected neighbors. The city needs to know your decision by JUNE!!

The following are the choices you will have:

CATEGORY 1 TREES are larger trees and will cast more shade and give more benefits. These can be used in the parkways where there are no conflicts with existing improvements. CATEGORY 2 TREES are smaller trees and can be used in conditions where space is more limited due to water meters, etc. and other existing utilities.  If there are no conflicts you can certainly use a Category 2 tree in lieu of a Category 1 tree.

Fill out the "Tree Selection Form" and the "Tree Covenant Form" and email  to Wendy Morse, Director of the Office of Public Life at or call her at 561.822.1483.

Feel free to download any of the information below:

Program Registration Information

Tree Fact Sheets & Planting Specifications